Business consulting

In Middelmann I.M.S & Consulting we are specialised in consulting and advising businesses in the tourism sector, also covering related industries, such as logistics, entertainment and hospitality.

We offer tailored advice to companies; both mature and start-ups, such as:
  • Identification and analysis of a company’s needs:
We investigate and identify the needs of organisations, with the aim of focusing our efforts and resources to the improvement of their competitiveness.
  • Analysis of new business lines:
We analyse businesses’ potentials and identify new business lines for them to embark on. 
  • Analysis of new market opportunities:
We analyse both a company’s target and potential markets and sectors with the aim of increasing the client’s business volume.
  • Planning of strategies:
We design the business plan required to start new strategies based on our analysis of a company’s needs. 
  • Advice during the initial stages of a business plan:
We accompany our clients during the initial stages of new strategies set in place for the improvement of their organisation.

Business advice

We continuously advise and accompany our clients through all the steps they may require in order to ensure increased competitiveness in their arrival to the market.

  • Partner search:
Our broad professional experience and wide network of contacts, allow us to help companies in their search for partners and business partners, both at national and international levels.
  • Negotiation advice:
We accompany our clients in their negotiations, providing support during the entire process of: contact, negotiation and contract closure.
  • Internationalisation:
We advise our clients in internationalisation processes, from the search of new markets, to making contact with potential partners on the international stage.

Training and education

Our experience allows us to provide business training sessions in order to share the business knowledge we have acquired over more than 40 years of professional experience.

We participate in lectures in order to let the younger generations understand the workings of organisations.

  • Business coaching
  • Directors’ coaching
  • Lectures

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